Mostly everybody has seen James 'Wolfi' Haventhor around at some point. Whether chilling in the Pig, or fighting random people he pissed off, he's very noticable. His long grey hair tied back in a huge foxtail, is rather noticable to most eyes.


Let's do this like a timeline... Born - Orphanage - Adopted - Experiment - Dead - Revived - Enlisted - Scourged - Free Will - Bored.


Wolfi tries to stay out of the way for the most part, but he will not back down from a fight when bored. He tends to be a good friend to almost anyone who meets him, but a complete ass to the people he doesn't like, which often gets him beaten up. Badly. He does not like to think of himself associated with the Ebon Blade, which often gets him attacked for being a 'rogue' Death Knight, but he just likes to think of it as 'avoiding the future and preventing the past'.


I hit it with my axe.


"Wait, What?"

"I would give you a speech about how friendship triumph's over all and such, but I'm a terrible liar."

"No. Noooo. Bad [Name]. Baaaaad."

"Nope. I don't remember that. Wrong guy. Of course I'm not saying that because you have bodyguards this time!"

"And now I'm bleeding... Help by the way."

"Want to know how to fight like me? Dodge, Hit, Dodge, Hit, Dodge, Hit, Dodge, Hit, Feign, Hit."


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