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Metoataske "The Hurricane" Blackcloud is the young Head Brave of the Shadowhoof Tribe. Also a council member of thunder, she is one of the tribe's leaders. Living up to her nickname, she is often short tempered and willing to unleash her fury on what angered her. Besides that, she is fiercely loyal and duty-bound to her tribe and her tribemates and wishes only to protect them from harm.


(( Rough Outline -> )) Metoataske was born into the tribe of Grimtotem currently holding land in the Stonetalon Mountains. Long before she could remember, however, her family escaped the violence of the black pelted tribe and struck out into the northern barrens. Here, young Meto was raised for much of her life. The only contact she had with other Shu'halo, Orcs, or any other race, were the ones brave enough to come to her father's hut to trade. Regardless of the seclusion, Meto's father felt a kinship with the Horde and soon allied himself with nearby Mor'Shan Rampart. Promised security, the family exsisted in the place that had been their home for many turns of the season. By the time the Orcs had established Mor'Shan, however, she was grown, though not considered an adult by Shu'halo standards.

Luckily, the small family, consisting of Meto, her mother, and her father, was largely unnoticed by the world, the Old God C'thun falling and the Dark portal reopening among the thigns that went on without their attention. However, it was not meant to last forever. The Burning Blade's minions attacked the small encampment one moonless night. Meto's father and mother managed to send their daughter off to Mor'Shan for safety before succumbing to the attackers.

Meto, homeless and orphaned, struck out into the world with a hatred for Orcs from that day. As they made up the force that attacked her home, but also the body of guards that failed to defend her family. From that day forward, she did not trust the Horde. But that did not stop her from working for it, in the Barrens. Quickly, she made an impact against the regional quillboar, showing great vigor in the use of her father's teachings of warfare.

Not long after, she met with Kurshaw Shadowhoof, who quickly offered the homeless Meto a home in her tribe. Eagerly, Meto joined and rose meteorically as soon as she became known within the tribe. Within a matter of weeks, the young warrior, who still has yet to become an adult by Shu'halo standards, found herself a council member of the tribe and the recipient of mass amounts of responsibility and duty.



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