A Northern Gilnean of considerable size, Arthmael ( often called Arthur ) is of the ancient tribes of the Gilnean mountains. Little is known of his history.

Physical Description

A hulking beast when in his ursine form, Arthmael was no typical Druid of the Claw. His form hosted something more feral, more primordial in its bestial power. A pelt riddled in scars was his trapping, a sheen of gloss over the fur that attributed it moreso to armor than hair.

When in human form, Arthmael was hardly different. A frame much bigger, more robust, than the average human was made distinguishable in any crowd. A head full of long, thick, and curly hair sat atop mountainous shoulders. A beard worthy of a dwarf hung from his anchor-like jaw, often braided or entwined with bits of bone and twine. Trinkets of all sorts adorned his body, be they ancient druidic talismans or tools of the typical frontiersman.


Gruff, temperamental, and sleepy. Just as much aspects of the common bear as they were aspects of Arthmael. Even in human form, he is known to be short with others, often responding in grunts or growls, rather than the typical vernacular. Though he is off-putting to most, Arthmael can be considered a staunch friend and protector when the time arrives. However, this is a form rarely seen from the ritualist.


It's assumed, and affirmed, by Arthmael that his upbringing was among the hill tribes of Gilneas. People of ancient druidic ways that practiced magics with wicker and blood, bones and curses. This shows in his attire, as well as his form of druidism.


Arthmael's tribe was located in the mountains near the Headlands.


"These little men with their little blades know nothin' of power."

"Ursoc and Ursol watch over me, boy. What puny god watches over you?"


Arthmael is an ancient nordic name that means 'Prince of Bears'.

Though Arthmael is a druid, he is not a worgen.