AtomicDixie used to be a lady of the evening in Dalaran City long before it exploded by magic and started to float. Unfortunately she went on a business trip to Lordaeron and succumbed to the plague. So now she is Forsaken, but you wouldn't think so from her playful interactions with people.

She's fire incarnate. The creature is a real spitfire which is why she goes by the name of AtomicDixie.


AtomicDixie is a tailor now and a firebreather and eater for the Brightmoon Faire. She is often found at all their events, bouncing around and burning up things.

She likes Esis, Khaelen, Xerjerna, and Senegal.

You can find her, for the most part, in Dragonblight. She's not 100% sure why she spends all her time there. Perhaps she will find out something intriguing about that.

She fishes regularly and finds it soothing, that is, when she isn't screaming at the fish to get on the hook.



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