Avanina Sin'raine Arius



Avanina, before the corruption and destruction of the Sunwell.

Avanina Sin'raine Arius has black hair that she prefers to keep long. Her skin is a fair tone, kept this way by the full robes and cowls she tends to wear. Her eyes are lined with kohl, a material she also wears upon her upper eyelids. She is slightly shorter than the average female Sin'dorei yet her arms have more muscle to them as compared to the average magic-user; a trait earned by wielding a mining pickaxe. Around the woman's neck hangs a black leather cord from which two rose-colored crystalline shards are suspended. They emit a crisp, melodic chime when they strike each other by her movement. A second, longer cord hangs around her neck, on which a heavy bronze lotus-shaped pendant rests. Aside from these necklaces, she wears earrings of opal and peridot. The peridots have been imbued with some minor enchantment causing them to emit a glow that mirrors her fel-green eyes.


Avanina's personality can be summed up as "friendly to most." Her dealings with demons over the course of her life has caused her to reserve her less than peaceful emotions and actions to such creatures, rather than waste them on fellow Horde. As a woman who ascribes to learning of the places and peoples she encounters on her travels, Avanina has adapted herself to an open mindset. She is one to try and shed light on the happenings of her race when conversation goes that way, yet she is by far an emphatic crusader of this cause.

Avanina Casual

Avanina, with her white talbuk.

Background, At-a-Glance

  • Avanina Sin'raine Arius hails from a family of textile manufacturers and seamstresses - the Dawnsinger family.
  • She has one sibling, a brother named Freyath. His whereabouts are unknown.
  • Her first encounter with a demon was in the house of a so-called "Apothecary".
  • Though she spent a number of years formally studying within The Sanctum of Silvermoon City, the bulk of her knowledge has been learned abroad.
  • She is wed to one Krant Durai Arius, a Salvage Consultant and Sin'dorei.
  • Having once been a member of Eclipse, she now leads Clan Lotus, holding rank of Matron.

Avanina Conjure

The Hex Weaver.


  • Avanina collects small creatures, having currently at least 75 in her care.
  • Avanina earned the title/nickname of "Hex Weaver" although she rarely, if ever, refers to herself as such.
  • Avanina's vision is slowly depreciating, though she is not to the point of requiring spectacles yet.
  • Avanina specializes in Shadoweave and Ebonweave tailoring.
  • Avanina refuses to dance for any reason until the ban is lifted on "Cross-Race dance lessons."
  • "Avanina" is pronounced "Ah-vah-knee-nah".

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