Avarialis Del'nela is a fierce elf, prone more to violence and slaughter then she ever will be to making peace. She finds cities asphyxiating, and much prefers the wilds of the world, nature the only thing that truly puts her at peace.

Physical Description

Avarialis was an athletic Elf, sporting a toned body with an hourglass shape much like many of her kin, she had wide hips which lead down to strong toned legs. Her shoulders were firm, leading down to her developed breast paired with her athletic arms. Clear as day she was someone who greatly valued training and self-improvement.


Wild, Ferocious, Curious, and risque, she was ever bonded with nature. One could almost mistake her for a Night Elf in behavior. She also sports alcoholic tendencies which get her in trouble.


Early Life

Born to a minor noble house called Del'nela, Avarialis initially had a very lush and vibrant upbringing. Or so it seemed, her family was set on Avarialis becoming the new head of the house. Forcing her to undertake advanced magical studies at a very young age, she proved herself very adept at magic, especially arcane manipulation. However any failure in her studies would incur her punishment from her parents, and her teacher. Often beatings, or being forced to live outside without the comfort of the house.

When her Teacher began dishing out the punishments, she found herself physically abused on the daily. Any imperfection, any flaw, or even just for their own amusement. It took her years of suffering before she finally took fate into her own hands when she was of age she left her family and abandoned the only person she loved. Her Little Sister.

A New Path

A young Sin'dorei on the run, surviving and struggling through the woods she found herself captured by Amani scouts but soon rescued by a veteran Ranger named Celios of house Swiftfeather. He took her in, and began training her first to hunt and cook, then to fight. She was blessed to find such a shining light in her life and found herself smiling every day. With her skill growing so did her arrogance.

Her marksmanship improving and herself in a more healthy state, she joined the Ranger Corps with flying colors, and a healthy recommendation from a Ranger Captain, her new father. Entering the Corps as a Ranger she quickly shot up the ranks to Lieutenant and found herself leading a small unit to purge Amani and Forest Troll scouting parties throughout the forest. Young, she excelled at her task and missions quickly leading her to another promotion of Captain. Just before the Scourge invasion and Fall of Quel'thalas. She took her team of Rangers and was part of the stalwart defense, however, the casualties were high with all of her team falling in the line of duty. Alone she'd rally with a small group of Silvermoon Knights, Rangers and Spellbreakers taking command and helping evacuate civilians while fending off the Scourge. The Battle was Lost.

The Waystalker

The devastation of Que'thalas left a scar upon her, both literally and mentally. She resorted to excess to endure the pain of failing her people, typically drinking or otherwise wasting her off time in the many sinful dens of Silvermoon. Despite the abundance of drink, she took her test and trials becoming a Farstrider, and under Celios's tutilage she became a Waystalker. A title he gave her as much like himself, she used nature magic in a way that was almost druidic and it represented her ambushing and skirmishing nature. Of course, her use of magic did not stop there, she dabbled in shadow magic using it to enhance her lethality. Her connection to nature, however, kept her eyes a-light soft green, not the dark green that Fel was associated with.

Next an event of tragedy would follow, her little sister was kidnapped by a rival house after the Del'nela house began to deal in shady business and trade. Her drunken reaction was swift as the wind, she murdered the kidnappers only a mile away from the Del'nela house. Amongst the kidnappers she was shocked to see her mentor Celios. He was the only one she regretted killing that day, and in the end all blame was shifted to her as she was demoted and faced discipline from her commanding officer.

Now she primarily serves the Horde, working in mixed units and adventuring on her own time. Loyal still to Quel'thalas, she sees herself as an outcast living mostly in the wilds.


-Her voice claim is Kerillian from Vermintide, making her accent sound wild, and not as proper as many elves. This reflects her self proclaimed title of being an outcast amongst the Sin'dorei and doubly rejects her noble heritage and especially the Del'nela House.

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