A guild that formed after its founding members broke away from their former masters. It stands as a resource network of individual groups that have a few simple goals.

  • Protect the Horde
  • Preserve Azeroth
  • Maintain Peace

The guild uses a rolling system for events that uses roles, expertises, and racials to help make everyone feel unique during events.

Guild History

Before the fateful day in December that brought the guild together, much of its membership were members of another guild. But disagreements over the use of resources led to the guild members leaving. They formed their own guild beneath a planted tree at Camp Narache and promised to visit every few months to continue showing how the new guild has grown.

The Early Days

At the time, the guild's de facto leader was Jianng, a Pandaren monk with neutral leanings which set the early tone for the guild of staying out of the 4th war. The only time the guild's groups saw battle was in defense of settlements or to keep dangerous artifacts and azerite weaponry out of harmful hands.


Jianng posing with members of the conclave

Major events during the early days include...

  • The Charred Fist Clan leadership changing from Az'goth to Sennja due to a non-lethal Mak'gora due to the latters refusal to serve a warlock.
  • The Boltassembly Cartel being formed when Vixiee Bootsguard revealed her longstanding investments in businesses around Azeroth and her fortune from assisting The Champions of Azeroth
  • The Ashen Tusks Tribe claiming a home in Northrend beneath Suj'amma
  • Jianng forming a monastery to serve the few Pandaren who remained after the new guild's formation
  • Chieftain Mongawau forming the Earthenheart Tauren Tribe

Shifts in Leadership

Overtime, the guild grew, both in purpose and drive. Though still dedicated to peace, it was becoming increasingly clear that the guild had aims that far surpassed simply remaining safe and defensible. This shift in leadership led to Vixiee assuming de facto leadership of the conclave as a whole, though she still kept it based around groups.

This shift followed a period where the guild's organizations remained quietly separated. Every group handled their own business and had little time to assist the others. Vixiee often calls this period the "Umbrella period" since she had to work with all of the other leaders to bring them back together.

Little did she know that their one year anniversary would lead to dealings with a vicious enemy.

Major events during this period

  • Vixiee welcoming Vizzay and Snowhoof as her first Directors of her cartel. Also, the acquisition of Boltassembly Isle, their current homebase and finally becoming welcomed in the old boys club in Booty Bay with the opening of their first business.
  • Bro'teggak assuming leadership of the Charred Fist Clan after his mate, Chel challenged Sennja to Mak'gora due to dishonorable action. Chel famously said "I could have kept it. But I chose the good of the clan as opposed to my pride as a warsong." This also saw the birth of their child, Gra'cha
  • Mongawau's disappearance into Tauren life left the taurens of the tribe without a family to call their own. A vision led Snowdancer to forming The Strongheart Tribe, which has recently assisted the Skyhorn with sicknesses among their eagles
  • Fiona Tarwood appeared to the conclave. Despite concern over welcoming a forsaken to the fold, she has formally joined the Conclave serving as naval transport and treasure hunters.
  • Suj'amma disappeared leaving the Ashen Tusks Tribe without a leader for a long time. They would discover soon what happened.
  • Az'goth, perhaps seeing a threat on the rise, claimed powerful acolytes beneath his banner and trained them for the fight. This includes Lahrra, a Sin'dorei Warlock.

The Rise of Korrl

The guild faced its biggest threat with the treason of Korrl, a Death Knight Tauren who went rogue from the Ebon Blade. For a period of months, he had lured members of the conclave away and corrupted them towards the service of Death. Victims include Suj'amma, Lahrra, and Yotanue, who have all been captured, twisted, and, except for Lahrra, fell in his service.

Korrl had even kidnapped Bro'teggak's child, which left the Chieftain uncertain and unwilling to bring the might of his clan to bear out of fear of losing the first child of the clan. Thankfully, the Chieftain was able to track down his child and steal her back when Korrl was busy elsewhere.

Attack on the Clandestine Pact

A group of Death Knights warned the guild that Korrl had discovered a treasure trove of artifacts that Az'goth held. To get access to the artifacts, Korrl used Lahrra's father, who was a Death Knight in his service, to lure her away into a trap. With her knowledge, Korrl was able to figure out where Az'goth's lair was and how to bypass its wards and defenses. Az'goth was forced to call for helpKorrl's attacks led to the discovery of the Clandestine Pact base, the near death of several of its leaders, and countless hard moments that still sting many of the members to this day.

The Final Assault

Eventually, a joint operation between the organizations of the guild led to an attack on Korrl's base. The attack was hard fought, but the sheer might of the guild won and Korrl was fallen. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Suj'amma was fully corrupted and had to be killed by the Ashen Tusks and Yotanue is still assumed living and at large.


Trailer screenshot made from the final assualt on Korrl

But the guild was finally free to rebuild.

Current Events

The guild's organizations are in a period of peace. With the 4th War at end and Korrl buried, everyone was using their time to rebuild. There are rumors that something is going on in the frozen north, so the guild keeps itself ready to answer the call as needed.

Guild Organizations/Current Stories

The Boltassembly Cartel:

The Boltassembly Cartel is a trade organization founded and led by Trade Princess Vixiee Bootsguard. It has several major businesses allied with it or beneath its banner, including Blitztech and Trixietech. They make their home on Boltassembly Isle, an island discovered and purchased during Island expeditions after it was discovered it had no useful azerite veins.

Cartel Current Events

Peace has been good for the Boltassembly Cartel. But peace never really lasts. The Cartel had investigated falsified documents by a goblin named Smugbottom and stumbled upon a plot by Sylvanas loyalists. Most recently, they captured a draenei cultist who discovered a means of temporarily becoming a powerful draconic creature who had evaded the Earthen Ring until recently.

Charred Fist Clan:


Chieftain Broteggak (right) and friends from the conclave

The Charred Fist Clan is a largely Mag'har orc tribe led by Bro'teggak Halfchain. The clan was founded by Az'goth but was lost on the day the guild was formed when a shaman disagreed with being led by a warlock. This suited the felmaster just fine. Currently they make their home in the Northern Barrens in Clearwater Village.

Charred Fist Current Events

Peace has done the clan well with brand new blood from a pair of laughing skulls. But on the one year anniversary of Bro'teggak's leadership as Chieftain, the clan's efforts to discover a new mine for their smithing has stumbled upon a powerful gnoll warleader who had a simple message. "Stay off our land or we will invade."

Fiona's Pride:


Fiona and Allysaria (right) posing with early members of the crew

The Fiona's Pride is the name of both crew and ship of a group of privateers who make their life providing transport and treasure hunting services to the guild. The ship was intended to fulfill a promise Fiona made to a Deathguard to "Give our people a home, they can be proud of." The crew is often at sea but considers Booty Bay it's home away from home.

Fiona's Pride Current Events

The Fiona's Pride followed the lead to a Highborne mage's treasure and have successfully liberated relics from the sunken elven city...but one item in particular seems...odd and Fiona is eager to learn why.

The Clandestine Pact

The Clandestine Pact, as fitting its name, is the shadowy arm of the guild. They look into darker magical mysteries that the others would ignore and collect artifacts deemed too dangerous for unwise hands. Despite the name, the organization is easily one of the guild's fiercest supporters and contributors. The Pact makes their home in [Redacted by will of the Felmaster]


The Felmaster performing an incantation

Clandestine Current Events

Peace has given Az'goth the chance to rebuild. With a brand new circle of acolytes, the Felmaster is preparing for the next disaster that will strike Azeroth. His prized pupil has even returned from the grasp of Korrl's villainy.

The Ashen Tusks

A largely troll tribe that is currently led by Kahzz, a druid of notable power and skill. The tribe is also guided by the wisdom of Nal'zir, an elder troll and a brand new Shadowhunter Taha'kami.

Ashen Tusks Current Events

The Ashen Tusks have chosen a new leader in Kahzz and are now looking to find a new path that will suit them and their new Loa. As they prepare to find a new home, who can tell what adventures await this new generation of troll heroes.

The Strongheart Tribe

A Tauren tribe that formed around the once tribeless Snowdancer. They have a simple goal, to use the peace from the end of the war to help restore the planet, one rupture or incident at a time. Currently they make their home in Mender's Rise, Desolace.

Strongheart Current Events

The Strongheart Tribe has answered the call by the Skyhorn and recently defeated a group of Harpies who were using an Azerite tuning fork to make the eagles of the mountains go insane. Having captured the tuning fork and destroyed the resonance stone, the Strongheart Tribe returns to their home ,Mender's Rise to continue their quest to heal Azeroth.

The Black Sun Marauders

A recent addition to the Conclave. Not much is known about them except that Vixiee has discovered them through her contacts. They are led by the vulpera, Talim. In time, the organization will prove itself.

Black Sun Current Events

Having only recently been revealed to the conclave, there isn't much to know. But Talim recently lent her sniper support to help the Cartel retrieve azerite rocket launchers that were made using stolen funds. Talim also helped with putting order to a gang war out in Tanaris.

The Kindred Path

A smaller group led by a tauren unaffiliated with The Strongheart. They serve as the Light/Nature based mirror of the Clandestine Pact. Primarily comprised of Paladins, Priests, Druids, and Monks.

Kindred Current Events

Having gathered the support of a member of the Argent Dawn, the group is preparing for future missions.

The Crimson Sky

A pandaren organization that has been quiet in recent days. Likely training with Grandmaster Jianng for the next crisis requiring their martial arts mastery.


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