Caelpha Adena Sha'Netha

A Brief History

Caelpha Adena Sha'netha is the leader and founder of the guild <Eclipse>. She was born within the walls of the city of the Sin'dorei to loving parents, Arden and Meylania Sha'netha. Meylania was schooled in the arts of healing, whilst Adren raised his sword in honor of the Blood Knights. When Caelpha was a small child, her mother left home and never returned. It was never discovered what befell dear Meylania. Caelpha was then raised by her father who was killed shortly before she entered her Blood Knight training.

Leading a battalion of Blood Knights into battle against the Scourge, Caelpha met her fate that day. Her persuasive voice coaxed her brothers and sisters from their barracks to assault the attacking Scourge Army. Many turned back and many perished in the foolish advance on the Scourge. Caelpha was soon overwhelmed and was struck down, only to be raised by the Lich King soon thereafter. She turned to advance on her brother and sister Blood Knights, having been granted powers of the Death Knights of Arthas Menethil.

Caelpha's thoughts were consumed by the Lich King's mind until her release during the fateful battle of Light's Hope Chapel. She wandered Azeroth for a good time, unsure of herself, before walking the streets of Orgrimmar and swearing her Allegiance to Thrall. After coming to terms with the atrocities she had commited, she formed <Eclipse> in an effort to preserve and protect the homelands of the Horde against invading threats, vowing to assist in creating a better future for those who walk over her beloved homeland.


Her appearance corresponds with the common racial characteristics of the Sin'dorei. Her hair is long and straight, curling slightly at the ends in a silvery-blue hue. Her eyes glow the characteristic sapphire of all who served the Lich King. Her face is generally calm and composed and her ears wiggle when she speaks. Her nose is slightly turned up and her complexion is pale with a soft hue of peach. Small scars trail down her arms, whilst her face remains untouched by them. One with a keen nose might pick up a scent similar to jasmine or lavender. She bears the poster and standing of a former warrior of the Light.

She speaks in soft echoes and whispers, but her tone is that of an alto, crisp, clear and mellow.

Her armor is kept in pristine condition, but she finds herself more comfortable in linens and leathers. Rarely is she seen without her weapon and almost certainly only in the close company of friends. She dresses in hues of blues, whites and blacks, with her emblazoned surcoat atop her clothing choices.

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