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What is a Guild?

On World of Warcraft, a guild is an organization of players who have joined together using an in game function that allows them to share a private chat channel, have a tag under their names, and access to a variety of resources a guild bank, and special in game perks like a faster hearthstone cooldown, and cosmetic perks like guild tabards, shirts, cloaks, and banners.

There are four things people do in World of Warcraft: We socialize, we roleplay, we tackle challenges created by the game environment, sometimes in groups, and we also face off against other players, sometimes alone or in groups. Guilds serve as a way to network with players that share common goals.

Sometimes multiple players without a shared guild membership band together in channels or in non-guild organizations.

Unofficial Guild List - 1st Quarter 2018

This section is an unofficial list of active guilds on Wyrmrest Accord-US. This list changes once a quarter by changing which categories guilds classify themselves under to assure that the guilds listed here are still around.

If you are interested in having a guild included in this list, please check the Guild List Instructions.

Alliance Guilds & Groups - 1st Quarter 2018
Alliance Guilds Alliance Groups
Alliance RP Guilds Alliance RP Non-Guild Groups
Alliance PvE Guilds Alliance PvE Non-Guild Groups
Alliance PvP Guilds Alliance PvP Non-Guild Groups
Alliance Social Guilds Alliance Social Non-Guild Groups
Horde Guilds & Groups - 1st Quarter 2018
Horde Guilds Horde Groups
Horde RP Guilds Horde RP Non-Guild Groups
Horde PvE Guilds Horde PvE Non-Guild Groups
Horde PvP Guilds Horde PvP Non-Guild Groups
Horde Social Guilds Horde Social Non-Guild Groups

Alliance & Horde Categories


A group may be an alliance of individual guilds, a player-run town, a family, or simply a guild that, for their own reasons, doesn't choose to use the official in-game guild system (perhaps they're a batch of roleplayers that prefer to remain in a raiding guild). There is no real classification that separates a "group" from a "guild", though all in-game guilds should be listed under the Guilds category.

Guilds in this Category

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