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The Cathedral of Light in Stormwind is the most striking monument of the Church of Light. The construction of the cathedral was overseen by Archbishop Benedictus and his then-mentor Archbishop Alonsus Faol.

The Cathedral is home to some of the most powerful and influential holy leaders in the world. Duthorian Rall is perhaps Stormwind's most accomplished paladin. The Archbishop himself also resides within the hallowed chambers.

Priests and paladins travel to the cathedral from far and wide seeking training and wisdom from their resident counterparts. The High Priestess Laurena is the highest ranking priest trainer in Stormwind and Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker is the foremost paladin trainer. Brother Crowley is always looking for possible recruits for the Scarlet Crusade, and also acts as the Crusade's emissary to the Archbishop.

The Cathedral is also the most common place for human Role Playing players to marry since it resembles a church so greatly. There is a hidden way downstairs to the basement in the room to the left of the altar, entering the Cathedral.


Decent amounts of RP can be found here, it is also known for it's events.