"Get offa my lawn!" an elderly Dwarf bellowed from the Stormwind bank steps. Not a single trespasser paid him any mind. With a huff, he muttered angrily to himself, "Ya young whipper-snappers and yer fancy names... I oughta..." He stomped towards the auction house, muttering and grumbling as he went. This dwarf was Cliness, the beloved 'granpappy' of the hodge-podge group of nobodies that belonged to the Crash Project. If it weren't for his tendency to shelter and feed the weirdos of the land, he would very likely be the richest dwarf in the realm.

"Bah! That's yer problem!" Cliness told the crowd in the auction house, "Ya ain't got no family. Buncha no account orphans wailin' 'bout yer tragic lives 'n lost loves." He scoffed, "Instead o' whinin', ya gotta take matters inter ya own hands! Now get outta my way, I got gold t'make!" Yes, Cliness was one for lecturing strangers' ears off. No wonder he made such a great fatherly figure for the Crash Project.

At least the prospect of money-making always shuts him up for a while.



Crash Project is a private, casual RP/PvE guild. There are, sadly, no trolls in it, but there are plenty of gnomes and melee priests. That's a good thing, right? ...Right? Oh, whatever. The melee priests will reign supreme in patch 6.0.77, just you wait and see!

There really isn't a deep IC backstory to this guild, as you probably noticed. Most of the characters were created separately and have no desire to unite under some common cause, except for the Mr. Wiggles worshippers, but they're kind of freaks and should probably not be spoken to, ever. Um. Just be satisfied that the name "Crash Project" isn't a sign that we're here to grief you.

In fact, you can complain to one of our officers if you feel a member of ours spoiled your fun in some way.


  • Cyrrae (Guild Master)
  • Daghmaver (Officer)
  • Airla (Officer)
  • Grimpul (Officer)

Warning: Crash Project officers are known to spontaneously combust if tickled.

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