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E'lu Skyrage is a tauren druid who is dedicated to protecting the Wilds of Azeroth. He has embraced the Wilderness so deeply that he is near to becoming a Savagekin.


E'lu constantly changes between his various animal forms, and rarely stays in one form for very long. His natural form, that of a tauren, is used rarely. Descriptions of each of E'lu's forms:


  • Skyrage's natural form is that of an aging tauren, clothed in typical simple druid garb. His fur is a dull, mottled brown, and his mane is unkempt.


  • When the need for great strength and endurance arises, E'lu takes the form of a massive bear. In this form, he has curved horns, large, sharp teeth, and claws. His fur is a similar color to the fur of his humanoid form, with darker patches in the form of obscure runes on his shoulders.


  • On occasion E'lu takes the form of a savage, horned mountain cat. The fur of this magnificent form is a dull golden, with flecks of shine.


  • Skyrage's favorite combat form, this owlkin form is a combination of an owl and a large bear, intelligent and capable of calling down the fury of the heavens and channeling the wrath of the Earth.


Storm Crow

  • His favorite non-combative form. E'lu can be found soaring high over his territories, scanning the ground with accurate eyes.

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Recent Events

  • Completed rites, now a full-fledged member of the Earthspear!