Eclipse of Wyrmrest Accord

A Brief History

Eclipse was founded on January 22, 2009 by Caelpha Adena Sha'Netha. It has been steadily growing since it's creation and is currently numbered at approximately 60 members from all races and classes from across the Horde. Eclipse is first and foremost an RP guild. Eclipse seeks to promote a favorable experience for all those who come in contact with her members. It can be considered, at this time a Medium RP Guild with a focus on having fun in game.


We the members of Eclipse seek to promote prosperity across Azeroth. We wish to preserve and protect our homelands. We shall rise to face and destroy any thing, organization, oppresive force, or persons who seek to lay waste to our beloved Azeroth.

We shall rise in the sky like a vivid Eclipse: unexpected, brilliant and haunting.



  • Leader - One who leads the guild and heads the Council
  • Dignitary - One of three who serves on the Council
  • Herald - An assistant of the Council
  • Exemplar - A Member or Paragon who has done extraordinary deeds to Eclipse and her Members
  • Paragon - A Member who has reached their highest potential
  • Member - The common rank of Eclipse
  • Neophyte - The initial rank of Eclipse which is held for two weeks at the discretion of the Council.

a Note: Neophytes will remain as such until they have been in the guild for two weeks. A level of 15 or 60 (for Death Knights) is required to progress above this rank.

The Warnings System

A warnings system is employed to deal with unsightly behavior. After two warnings a member is subject to probation. If another warning is given within the probationary period (two weeks), the member is subject to dismissal from Eclipse. Warnings will decay if a member has shown upstanding behavior for two months after the first warning occurred.

Warnings may be given for a number of unsightly behaviors including, but not limited to:

  • Conflicts with Members
  • Acting inappropriately in public channels
  • Acting inappropriately when grouped with others
  • Disrespecting other players

Warnings are not given lightly and documentation of the event must be provided regarding the event that occurred.


  • Eclipse takes no official stance on the subject of PvP gameplay and requests that her members remain cordial when engaging in it.
  • Guild Raiding may occur when the member base allows for it, but it is not determined at this time.
  • Members of Eclipse should not act inappropriately during gameplay, for it reflects badly upon the guild.

Notable Members

Caelpha Adena Sha'Netha - Leader

Alithora Thal'tiras - Herald

Luciferus - Dignitary

Maladictus - Dignitary

Kulen Rone - Herald

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