Little is known of the great cat's past prior to his arrival in the Eastern Kingdoms by the sideof the Hunter known by many as Imladris. From the Hunter's own words, Eriador's history seems mysterious, at best, having saved a young Imladris from a band of Naga near Auberdine. The young Elf and the ethereal cat soon became the best of friends, and the magnificent creature has fought by the Hunter's side ever since.


Eriador is heavily muscled, weighing close to five hundred pounds. Despite his weight, however, the cat can usually move with blinding quickness, stunning unsuspecting enemies. The cat's eyes shift from hue to hue, making hard to discern any particular color, though a vast intelligenceand wisdom seems to lurk within its gaze. Soft spotted fur covers its body, which itself is slightly transparent.


Normally quiet and docile, Eriador springs into action at a moment's notice, able to understand Orcish and Thalassian with an above-average level of intelligence. The cat uses its strength and speed to its advantage, pouncing and pinning smaller enemies, or swiping at larger ones with sharp claws. Very rarely does Eriador actually bite an enemy.

Eriador has also demonstrated a keen sense of awareness of the world around him in the past; recognizing unfamiliar members of his master's family before even he has. Often times, Eriador may accompany Imladris' daughter Nastiria on her travels, should Imladris deem his presence unneccesary.


Despite being by the side of Imladris for decades, Eriador has hardly aged, if at all. This startling fact, as well as his uncommonly high resistance to various schools of magic has suggested to some that the cat cannot die, or is protected or shielded from aging and lesser injuries and magical damage by some magical influence from his past, quite possibly the same that resulted in his appearance.

Some have even wondered if it is a "cat" at all, and not an actual being of magic, though this has been dismissed by many, including Imladris.


  • Eriador is especially shy around Elven females.
  • Despite his coloration, suggesting a better ability to blend in with the surroundings in the frozen North, Eriador is in fact not very happy to travel to such cold climates.
  • He has a mate, Jazalie, who was injured many years ago in battle. She currently resides near the orphanage in Orgrimmar, entertaining the children.

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