Golden Kettle is a horde side Heavy RP guild who's focus is bringing a friendly roleplaying experience to the Horde through cooking and restaurant style events.

Roleplay Events

Golden Kettle events are set in inns all around the world, spanning across any location suitable. IC, the inns are treated as Golden Kettle restaurants where people can stop in, order some food and enjoy a warm meal in a non-hostile environment with their friends. Unlike most roleplaying events, Golden Kettle operates like a real restaurant - players must pay real in-game money for the in-game food they are actually given, but the prices are reasonable and never goes over 1g for a meal. This money goes directly into the guild bank to pay for things like bank tabs, mageweave for uniforms and, cooking supplies to use at next events and recipes to teach members how to cook.

The event will move to a different location weekly. This is to bring roleplay to different locations that might not be used as much, but are suitable places to roleplay.

While in character, Golden Kettle is not against serving food to the Alliance, being a war-neutral guild, however this is impossible due to game mechanics - Horde players cannot trade with Alliance players, nor can they take their order in the first place because of the language barrier. However, when the event is in a neutral place, Alliance players are welcome to attend so long as they don't cause trouble.

Since Golden Kettle is a war-neutral guild, all people attending the event are asked to avoid fighting IC or OOC, unless they take it out of the area. Alliance players are also asked to not attend events that take place in a horde city, as the fighting with the guards would break the no fighting rule as well.


Golden Kettle's doors are always open to any Horde player looking for a roleplaying guild. There are no level, race or class requirements ever - all that is asked is that you have a name that follows the roleplay realm rules and come willing to roleplay within the guild.

Despite being a cooking guild, you do not have to be a chef at all to join. Golden Kettle supplies a wide range of in-character jobs, including waiters, waitresses and other restaurant staff. They also recruit any who just enjoy food - giving them the title "taste tester" - and let them eat all the food they want, cooked by the Golden Kettle staff. Guild chat is in character, and roleplay is (obviously) allowed there as well.