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To Create a New Page

There are several ways of creating a new page. One way is by clicking on a red link from another page. This will give you the message "This page has not been created yet!".

By clicking on "edit this page" you will be able to create the page. A list of 'red links' can be found here.

If there are no red links for the page you want, simply type in

In order to have other pages link properly, make sure you capitalize the right letters and put an underscore ( _ ) where spaces should be. This will send you to a page similar to before, allowing you to create the page.

Linking between Articles

To link between articles, you simply have to put two square brackets on either side of the word. For example, [[Stormwind City]] will create Stormwind City. In order for this to work, the capitalization on each word must be the same as the page it is linking to. [[sTormwind city]] will not link to Stormwind City. You do not have to put underscores in, as spaces are automatically changed into underscores.