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Kazandra 'Kaz' Rockbreaker is a Orc who works for the Brightmoon Faire. She is a fire-eater and enforcer.


Kaz is what looks to be an average Orcish woman, her hair is black and kept in a long pony behind her head, she has a light green skin tone which seems to have a ashy tone. The only thing that seems odd about her is her choice of fashion, loud colors and goggles.


Kaz has a short attention span, her choice of words are strange, she has little emotion and she blurts out strange things that seem to have nothing to do with the conversation at hand. Some would say that she sounds like a Gnome if they didn't know better. She is quick to aggression and really like to blow things up, set fires, and tinker.


Kaz was always interested in engineering, ever since she was a whelp. She would be endlessly building things out of twigs and stones and finding new and interesting way to use common items.

While most Orcs her age started following the ways of the Shaman and Warrior, Kaz decided that she would leave and live with the goblins to learn different enginerring techniques.

When she returned to Orgimmar a fully trained engineer, the Third War had just started and Kaz joined the Orc forces. She was ordered to Lordaeron to try and free some of the Orc concentration camps. While trying to set up explosives to free one such camp, she was overtaken by the Scrouge.

Now after freeing herself from the Lich Kings power she has returned to Orgimmar to live a seemingly normal life. Or has she?

Recent Events

Kaz has joined the Faire and seems to be keeping her head low, which is a strange thing for her. Recently she was sold at the Brightmoon Auciton to Khaelen, who stumbled onto something he shouldn't know.

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