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Kretz is a warrior. An ORC WARRIOR. Which is awesome, right? Totally.


Shortly before the First War began, Kretz was born. His mother and father both marched off to battle, leaving Kretz with someone; he's not sure who. His parents both died, and Kretz knows absolutely nothing more about it, or at the least is unwilling to talk about it. He has no idea of his actual clan, but affiliates himself with the Warsong. After the Second War, Kretz, who had not participated in any fighting, happened upon them and was ultimately integrated into the clan. Unable to fight, he mostly worked alongside the Peons, eager to help the clan he saw as his saviors. He accompanied the Warsong to Kalimdor, and for the first time in his life, he picked up an axe in battle during the Third War.

He fought alongside the Warsong, and accompanied Grom Hellscream to Ashenvale. He partook in the demonc blood and fell under the Blood Curse for the first time in his life at Hellscream's command, participating in the battle against Cenarius (though ultimately he just destroyed several treants). He then fell under the control of the Legion. When Grom later killed Mannoroth, Kretz was freed.

Currently, he's still battling against the remnants of the Blood Curse, and has a tendency to be rageful as a result of it, moreso than an average orc. His extremely arrogant and headstrong personality isn't helping. He could use a master of some kind to keep him in line. Despite his personality, he obeys his superiors to the letter.



Kretz is relatively unskilled in combat. Mostly he rushes at things and beats them to death or cuts them to death and so on. Beating him would not be overly difficult, but he throws himself at things in a berserker rush, and is very strong.


"Do you really think I care about what you have to say, human? Let me inform you, then - I do not. The only thing I care to hear from you are screams of pain."

"I will CRUSH them without a second thought! Just give the order!"


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