Template:InfoboxNatalja Locke is a Blood Elf Paladin and a fairly regular person.



Natalja is of average height, and, with the exception of her bright orange pigtails, really doesn't stand out much in a crowd. She's quite well-muscled, and on the rare occasion one sees her at all, it's almost never out of her plate armor -- and most certainly not unarmed.


Natalja is selfless and willing to help nearly anyone who needs it, though she has little respect for those who don't at least make an attempt to support themselves. She's quite hard-working and serious, and as such is rarely found in frivolous social settings -- one might even call her a workaholic. In conversation, she tends to ramble, a side-effect of not talking to people enough.


Distant Past

Growing up on a farm in what is now known as the Ghostlands, Natalja was always a self-sufficient and energetic child. She learned how to do everything she could, refusing to do anything less than her share and a half of whatever needed doing. She was fully prepared to take over running the farm when her father got too old to do it.

Of course, then the Scourge struck, and she lost both family and farm in the assault. As short on men as the Silvermoon Guard was, she volunteered herself, and learned to use a sword and shield. Something of a perfectionist, she forced herself to have at least basic competence with every weapon she was presented with.

When Lady Liadrin first stole the power of the Light and bent it to her will, creating the Blood Knights, Natalja was hesitant and skeptical. She never really had a thirst for power -- only a desire to protect her people. But somehow, in the course of events, that desire got twisted and she was eventually convinced to use the tainted power of the Light. (It was all the more relieving when Lady Liadrin ended up converting the Blood Knights to using the Light 'the normal way', really.)

She did not spend much time in Outland, preferring to guard her people and their newly-adopted allies, the Horde.

Recent Events

Spending as much time as she has in Northrend has been overwhelming for Natalja. She progressed quickly through the ranks, proving her dedication to the cause of eradicating the Scourge, but she has suffered injuries, both mental and physical. She can be found spending more time around the capital cities and Dalaran than usual, often claiming to be "in on business".

Miscellaneous Stuff

Fun Facts!

  • Natalja's charger is named Annon.
  • Natalja also has a brown armored bear; he is named Thrice.