" My Mother gave her life so that I may see tomorrow. My Father risks his life every day so that Azeroth may see another Sunrise. Me? I am the best of both of them and one day will rise to their greatness."
— Nimue Doseki

Nimue is the last of her line, the youngest of the Doseki and Mullan clans of Wildhamemr dwarves and sole known heir to the Doseki clan name. Born to the Dwarf Knight of Stormwind Sir Bowen Doseki and his late wife Raedra Mullan-Doseki she is a Warrior and Gryphon Rider, with an innate magical talent she has been exploring via Enchanting and Alchemy training in Ironforge.

Physical Description

Nimue is a Wildhammer Dwarf from Aerie Peak. She stands about 4 foot 7 inches or about 1.4 meters. Her hair is red as an active forge and grown long enough to nearly touch the ground. Nimue prefers to keep her hair in a tight braid as this makes it easier to store in a basket-style bun atop her head while wearing her helm or other covering. This has the added benefit of keeping her hair out of the way and from being damaged in battle. While not in combat however her hair it typically kept on display over her right shoulder.[1]

Nimue's eyes are Bronze, a trait she carried over from her father, and burn with the same light as a brazier in the midnight air. Her eyes look to be accented by some form of eyeshadow. Though this is actually her natural skin pigment.[1] Being Born in the Year 7 just after the end of the Second war, Nimue is still quite young by Dwarven standards. Being only in her mid to late 20's by the time of the Exploration of Draenor Legion's invasion and the rediscovery of the Broken Isles. As such her skin is fair and quite beautiful from a distance though on closer inspection one could see it is windswept and rough from her years living in the cliffs of Aerie and flying her Gryphon in the skies there. By Dwarf standards she is quite attractive, though most other races may not see that as such. Being short and well fit from her training as both a Warrior and Gryphon rider.


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