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Northwatch Hold is an RP Guild with the purpose of try to create RP immersion in a completely player-run environment.

This Guild was created a few weeks after the Wyrmrest Accord Realm was open for transfers, we cater to the RP community and try to create events that all players of all levels and all factions can enjoy.


This guild was originaly formed by Apriline and a group of like-minded individuals. After growing to a considerable size, Apriline was gone mysteriously for about 2 weeks comming back to lots of members leaving after looting the guild bank.

Guild rules

Don't be a jerk. Thats about it.


Apriline Silversworn, Commander
Guild leader. Paladin of the Holy Light Contact for more information about the guild if interested.
Ziggo Chronogauge, Cheif Engineer
Blows stuff up and is in charge of defenses
Fri, Second in Command
A Very Unique Individual once you get to know him
Firehammer, Councilman
Pretty Cool Guy