Generally dressed in something fancy, yet old that takes modesty quite seriously, Orin gives a first impression of well educated pauperism. Her second impression is also of pauperism, as her reddish-orange hair, neglected, is badly cut about her ears, her shoes are about worn through, and her gloves probably -weren't- fingerless when they started, ink-stained fingertips peaking through the threadbare fabric.

She is fairly skinny- skinny enough to elicit remarks from haughty warlocks- but with that comes a lack of impressive curves that many find desirable in a female blood elf. She is certainly not a young and beautiful woman, but has a more refined attractiveness, like aged wine.

Recent Events

Orin has been sporting the acolyte robes of the Ninth Regiment, her skin losing its faint tan as she spends more and more time indoors with paperwork than outside with herbs or dragonhawks.


Orin has a tendency to mother those around her, (I've counted. Three people have called her 'mom'.) voicing concerns on their well-being- physical or moral, whether they want her to or not. Her concern seem genuine enough, and she's always quick to lend an ear and advice to whoever seems to need it.

She can come off as a little arrogant and self-absorbed, holding herself tall, with possibly misplaced confidence in her step. Her remarks are sometimes a bit off beat, as is her humor- if anyone cares to notice it.

Known History

Orin is a native to Tranquillen, and has apparently lived a fairly uneventful life. Her mother's status, the sister of a low ranking nobleman (who married into an even lower status, but that is besides the point), ensured that Orin encountered no extreme hardships in life through her youth.

At Orin's maturation, her uncle estranged himself from his wayward sister, influenced by his second marriage and a fear of social retribution brought on by the high ranking priest Ash'serrar's own scandal. Orin found herself no longer under the protective cushion of her uncle's goodwill. Taking apprenticeship under the local Dragonhawk Skymaster as a living, Orin learned to care for the creatures and train them, learning a moderate amount of herbalism and lesser healing.

One day without much explanation, she took up the robes of Priesthood, leaving Tranquillen for Silvermoon for her training.


  • Orin does not do pink.
  • Pet Peeve #1: Mumbling.
  • Pet Peeve #2: Warlock summoned pets.