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(( Placeholda. ))


Fethmar grew up like any other orc. Training all his life to be a Warrior to battle anything he is told to, getting orders and doing said orders. His mother was named Mar Surghann and father Mattin Surghann. He was the brother to Thon Surghann who recently had been reborn a Death Knight, much to Scaleslicers' distaste. Scaleslicer was a Sergeant to a small regiment known as the 146th, the Iron Youth. The Iron Youth had now since died, and he went along waiting for his death as the 'useful' Warriors went to fight in Icecrown, until he joined up with the Sundered Skull Clan, now working as their Warcaller. He has since then gotten an armory of strictly Saronite Armor and Weapons for himself, thinking it will aid him. He also can be seen shining small pieces of Saronite Ore wherever he is. He also find enjoyment in poking fun at the weak-minded and egotistical. Usually elves. ..He -really- dislikes elves!


Scaleslicer, as of now, is still working in Icecrown. He, recently, has been unable to attend events with the Sundered Skull and presumed M.I.A at times. He usually tries to be the neutral person in debates, even if he is supposed to side with one half. ((IRL Issues FTW?))


Mock Him. He doesn't take too kindly of people speaking ill of himself. Also, try your hardest to not take physical blows from him. He -will- try to punch you in the groin. He is also easily confused in the thick of battle with his age.


- "Two axes are better then one." - "I didn't know you could have bronze in your head." - "What we're we doing again?"


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