The Sons of Varok are a Horde regiment dedicated to serving by and preserving the tenants of the late High Overlord Varok Saurfang. While not a full-on group within the Horde military, the Sons still operate alongside it, albeit they're not as strict/formal. Born out of the ashes of the Fourth War, the Sons of Varok seek to uphold the Horde's honor on the fields of battle.


The Sons of Varok were formed after the end of the Fourth War, by Hukaga Stormhoof. Hukaga had originally led the Shield of Mulgore rebel cell against Sylvanas, but was humbled by Saurfang's sacrifice at Orgrimmar. He sought to honor the fallen orc by fighting in his name, founding the Sons of Varok.


The main goals of the Sons of Varok are:

  • Maintaining the honor of the Horde, no matter how dire the battle.
  • Defending the Horde and eliminating those who may seek to harm it, whether it be internally or externally.
  • Inspiring those around them to remember Saurfang’s tenants and sacrifice.


  • Overlord
    • The leader of the Sons of Varok. A title currently held by Hukaga Stormhoof, former leader of the Shield of Mulgore rebel movement.
  • Honorbound
    • The Honorbound are the Overlord’s most trusted warriors. Acting as his eyes and ears, they not only enforce his will but also serve to assist and guide the Sons.
  • Legionnaire
    • Among the most fearsome of the Sons of Varok are the Legionnaires, warriors who stand by Saurfang’s tenants and inspire those around them.
  • Stone Guard
    • Those who reach the rank of Stone Guard are among those who guide the lower-ranked within the Sons of Varok in battle.
  • Grunt
    • Grunts are fighters who have proven themselves in battle and are renown for their honor and ferocity.
  • Recruit
    • All new members of the Sons of Varok start as Recruits, and must prove themselves to rise further.


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