"There will be no stopping me... Not until the world knows the fury of the Vulpera "

Talim is a Vulpera bandit, founder, and leader of the Black Sun Marauders and is currently associated with the Burned Hounds Conclave. She was a renowned bodyguard and tracker in Vol'dun before her race joined the Horde and has carried her abilities into the new world where she continues to push the idea that the Vulpera are not to be trifled with. 

Physical Description

Talim is almost as typical of a Vulpera as one has seen: she possesses a stocky build with broad, sharp shoulders and respectable biceps and triceps. Her fur can be described as auburn, decorated by brown spots and accents on her ears, limbs, and back. Her face is noticeably light brown, almost khaki, with a lighter brown wrapping around her muzzle, cheeks, and her jaw. Her body is completely covered in smaller scars that stain and ruin her once fluffy coat. The majority of her damages are concentrated at her muzzle and right cheek with two vicious scars slashing just at the base of her nose and cuts across her right cheek: a scar that likely didn't heal correctly and now malformed her face. Her hazel eyes are amplified by dark rings and soft shadowers, hinting that this girl doesn't get as much sleep as she used to.

Topple that with a couple of earring piercings, dark brown claws, and a very auburn tail and you have a woman who's endured hardships in the Dunes.


While not completely devoid of emotion, Talim can come across as unintentionally harsh and rude. She mistakes the mood in front of her quite often and will showcase a brash, conceited boldness that may be misinterpreted as egotistical. She is far from that, however, due to her self-deprecating jokes and overall melancholic demeanor, especially when she tries to describe herself outside of her profession. Still, she's revered for her direct attitude, seldomly elongated a conversation that should have end ages ago, and has an uncanny ability to guesstimate personality types during interrogations. To best describe her, there's an interesting duality about her that, if one were to get to know her long enough, would be able to tell the difference between 'Bandit Talim' and 'Casual Talim.'

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