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Character Infobox Template

This is our default character infobox template. Please use it and do not import your own templates from other sites. We are attempting to make the wiki look like a coherent consistent page instead of a disorganized mishmash of stuff.

If you have suggestions on things that could be added or changed about the template, please let us know on the talk page.

Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to create a character infobox.
Type {{infobox character|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
when you enter the below code you get the output on the right.
{{infobox character
| name=Varian's Chin
| image=Image:chin.jpg
| caption=King Varian's Chin
| title=The Royal Chin
| race=Human
| gender=Male
| age=Old
| height=6'2
| weight=210
| birthplace=Old Stormwind
| residence=Stormwind
Stormwind Park
| guild=Wrynn Lovers Inc
| affiliations=*Anduin's Fanboys
*House Wrynn
*Varian's butt
| alignment=Lawful Good
| faction=Alliance
| factionicon=Alliance
| class=Warrior

Clean Template

Here is a clean template ready to fill out.
Entering "Horde or "Alliance" in the faction will automatically grant an icon in the header.
Automatic Templates
If you are starting a new page, you can select the "character" option from the top menu of the new page to get a full page template.
{{Infobox character