The Kin'Shora clan is a bloodline of nobility within Quel'Thalas, though the current (known) descendants of the line have cast aside any and all ties to the Magisters of Silvermoon City.


The Silvermoon archives trace the Kin'Shora line only as far back as Tathar and Nellas, high-ranking Magisters within the city. During their time in the city, a grand Manor was comissioned to be built for their family, situated in the Bazaar. Both Tathar and Nellas lived in contentment for some time, eventually having a son, Aerandir.

Early in his childhood, however, their son went missing. Charged and eventually cleared for his murder, the couple fled the city in shame, settling South in what was to be known as Tranquillien. There, Nellas gave birth to a daughter, Fahryn, before they were taken by the Amani in the area.

Many years later, the son would return to Quel'Thalas under a new name, casting aside the one given at birth in believed shame. Eventually, he grew close to a young, red-haired priestess who he later found was the sister he never knew he had.

Even later still, Aerandir chanced upon a quiet Huntress, gifted with the bow and quick to temper. Acting as her mentor, he guided her through her training as both a Tracker and an Archer, a proud smile crossing his features as she grew in stature and skill. During a conversation between student and mentor however, he learnt of her slain mother, Jenrir, and a startling realisation dawned upon him:

He has inadvertantly been training his very own daughter.

Reunited, the Kin'Shora clan resides in the Manor when they find themselves in Silvermoon City. Aerandir is regarded as the leader of the family now, and discreetly inquires of his missing father, who he despised as a child but who nothing was heard of since Nellas' death at the hands of the Amani.

Family Traits

The Kin'Shora crest is made up of the image of a dragon curled around a stylized starburst emblem, and is found within the family holdings, and on certain pieces of jewelry used to identify the members of the clan.

Nearly all who still bear the Kin'Shora bloodline seem to share a strong sense of loyalty towards the people of Silvermoon, though at the same time, they reject the authority of the Regent-Lord and the Blood Knights, believing that those who lead the city are lagely corrupt and misguided.

Another distinctive trait shared by those of the bloodline is having reddish hair, ranging from a rusty brown to fiery red. Due to a series of coincidences as well, many of them also have a scarred cheek.

Known Members


Those who wish to perhaps be a part of the family, please contact Imladris in-game for any possible discussions.