The Rogue

It appears you want infomation on Vercy, this I can not tell you. WAIT WAIT WAIT, Don't leave, I just happen to have the infomation, for a price..


Raised by the rogues of Ravenholdt Manor, Vercy has the cunning of a mage, along with the stealh ability of a rogue. Vercy was abandoned as a child in the midsts of Hillsbrad foothils, discovered in a ill state, along with the child curiosity of Tarren Mill Which is rather dumb for a alliance person to do ya' know? at any rate, the young child was nursed back to health by the rogues of Ravenholdt, then set off into training at the proper age, blah blah blah <Insert "Eye of the Tiger" montage here please>. Once raised to a fine young woman, the rogue set off to stormwind to partcipate in the war between the Alliance, and Horde. The long journy was perioulous, and full of fear N' stuff, Not really Just a simple flight path to Ironforge, then a tram ride to Stormwind. once at the HEROIC, gates of stormwind, She found herself in a conversation with a dwarf banker, Cliness, "I haven't seen ya around' 'ere rogue' if'n ya are' needin' a place, I got one." Soon discovering Vercy, was just offered a spot at Granpappy Cliness's ranch, "Why thank you, kind elder one." Was the rogue's reply. Cliness had replied in a gruff voice, "Ya' just' better' be not stealin' me crops, er' the gold." soon after, the life of the rogue came to a simple life Raiding, going to sleep, playing horde alts ya know?



IT IS NOT POSSIBLE RAWRGH /GODMODE, Not really, this I will not explain for I do not know how myself.


Herself "If'n it doesn't have gold, I don't want to kill it."


A girly girl when needed, but mostly a tomboy

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