Vraul Jawrip is an orc warrior currently serving the Horde-affiliated Ironworg Clan.  He is most famously known for his service to the Thunderfist Warband in the Barrens during the Cataclysm until it had been disbanded due to volatile political affairs.

Originally hailing from Nagrand, he has experienced many tragedies that have befallen the orcish race in recent times and seeks to reclaim his honor to his dying breath.


Early Childhood

Prior to his birth, Vraul had taken quite a toll on his mother, who was constantly dehydrated and required constant attention through the second half of her pregnancy. While his mother barely survived the event, Vraul was nonetheless born a healthy child within a Nagrand village near the tremendous Oshu'gun mountain to Soran and Grima Jawrip. He was a rather large infant compared to the usual orc, but what certainly caught his parents' attention was the clarity of Vraul's eyes. Like milky eggs they were, complimented by large, dark pupils, which stared at his parents endlessly, curious of the figures that had brought him into the world.
File:Vraul as a Child in Draenor.png

Vraul's development was rather slow at first, as he was unable to walk on his own for a few years, and found difficulty picking up the orcish language. Such progress worried his parents, as the harsh traditions of orcish culture did not take kindly to those in the group that were branded as, "weaklings". In an attempt to resolve their son's disabilities, the pair became harsh on young Vraul, fiercely and constantly teaching him the ways of their people. Once he had grown to be just five years of age, Grima had begun taking Vraul on daily trips to a local town to gather food and water for their home. When the seasons had changed, he was even made to tread out to the colder regions of Frostfire Ridge, where he was expected to pull his own weight for the family.

One day in Nagrand, however, as they were passing by the nearby town for supplies, the commoners could not help but to notice Vraul's glossy eyes darting around, piercing through each new and exciting visual that Vraul could pick up. Many orcs soon crowded around him, trying to communicate with him and compliment his eyes, to the alert of Grima. Racing in to protect his son and hide his disability, Grima snatched him away and fled from the town, promising to keep him away until he was of age to defend himself. However, that night, Soran argued heavily with Grima for such a decision, proclaiming that his son would not be discriminated against.

The next day, Soran went off to his usual duties for his clan, leaving Grima and Vraul in their hut. However, Vraul awoke to the sound of terrible and obnoxious coughing. He looked up and saw his mother, looking pale and sweaty, coughing around the house, trying to drink it away with all of the water they had. Unfortunately, there was very little left, and so Grima decided to take Vraul out and into a nearby village, hoping to get rid of her annoying cough. On the way there, Grima's pace became slower and her posture became more and more droopy. When they were almost halfway there, Grima collapsed onto her face and fell unconscious, letting go of Vraul's hand in the process. Vraul, in a state of confusion and worry, began shaking his mother, blurting out, "Mama?", to no response. He pushed his mother over and fixated his gaze upon her eyes; such a beautiful sight they made, giving off a bright and warm greeting, even in their now-motionless state. Such a sight became burned into Vraul's memory forever, as he stared at Grima for many hours until finally a passerby came and stopped over, calling out the shaman and others for help. Vraul's father was never the same after Grima's funeral, as the regrets that poured out into his mind had left him with a broken heart and a relative loss of ambition. Vraul, still too young to understand and process the occurrence, had been told that his mother had gone to sleep for meditation and was helping the spirits find peace with the world.

Growing Up to Trouble Within

File:Vraul Mag'har Draenor.png
Growing up within the Frostwolf clan, Vraul was encouraged by his people to become a shaman, much like his own father, and join tremendous battles in the name of the clan.  As Vraul became of age to begin the initiation, he was sent out on a trek to the sacred "mountain", Oshu'gun, in a mission to seek out the ancestors.  If Vraul had been able to see the ancestors appear before him, he would be able to communicate with them and hear firsthand their wise guidance.  However, Vraul arrived and saw nothing of the sort, and returned with the grim news.  His father, along with the rest of the clan that knew him, had been heavily disappointed for some time.  However, one of the elder shamans advised Vraul not to seek sorrow in such trying times, but instead find his own path in history.  Given his superior physical strength, Vraul was convinced to take up the responsibilities of being an axe-wielding defender of his people.  The trainers noticed that he had an adept ability to swing his blades in an efficient manner, and so placed him in many duels with other promising trainees.  While Vraul had not garnered a perfect record in these fights, his skills impressed many of the higher-ups within the Frostwolf clan, who were convinced that Vraul's specialty and way of life was the path of the warrior.

Day of Reckoning

File:Vraul Om'riggor.png

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The End of All Things Good

However, not long after claiming such a victory, Vraul had noticed a sharp change within the ideas of his people.  The Frostwolf clan was becoming much more secretive and divided, as Drek'thar and many other powerful shaman were convinced to practice warlockery - not knowing of the terrible force behind such power.  Soon, the first Horde had been formed with the combined might of numerous orc clans, including some orcs from the rebellious Frostwolves. Under orders by the puppet Warchief, Blackhand, Vraul had joined an orc offensive that included great warriors such as Durotan himself in an attack against the draenei holding of Telmor.  Vraul, having the choice to either obey his people and live or dissent and suffer a brutal demise, reluctantly chose to slay a fair amount of draenei in his path.  Soon after, Shattrath City had been sacked, and many orcs were commanded to drink the Blood of Mannoroth and partake in a "gift" by the terrible warlock, Gul'dan.

However, rather than engorge upon the "gift" himself, Vraul had decided to follow Durotan's wise guidance, and joined him and much of the Frostwolf clan in escaping through the Dark Portal from Draenor to a strange new land known as Azeroth.

A New World

File:Vraul in Hillsbrad Foothills TW.png
After exiting the portal, the orcs found themselves in a vast swamp that was known as the Black Morass.  A new world had been opened to them, while at the same time another change was becoming common amongst the populace: their skin color was quickly changing from brown to green.  Soon enough, any brown orc that had traversed through the portal had either caught the contagion of the fel aura from the other orcs, or had been killed.  However, while their appearance had been altered, Vraul began to notice a positive change in the methods that the shamans practiced as the Frostwolf clan traveled farther north to a valley within the Alterac Mountains.  Soon enough, he once again felt a great pride in his people.

Unfortunately, this feeling would subside and become replaced with worry, as the clan would soon suffer tremendous trials and tribulations in the coming years.  For much time, the Frostwolves were hounded by humans, or pinkskins as the orcs called them, who hunted many of them down in the forests and either slaughtered or enslaved them within internment camps.  

After many years of being able to successfully escape this terrible enemy, Vraul's father's health had started to decline.  A former warlock returned to shamanism, Soran Jawrip's body had taken a massive toll from such drastic changes in his use of spellpower over the years.  With his physical body aged to exhaustion, his spirit quickly began to wane.

One fateful day, while scouting the Hillsbrad Foothills for food, Vraul and his father had caught the attention of two Lordaeron soldiers, who began chasing after them.   Soran attempted to fight back, but the elements refused to call to him.  He quickly became exhausted and was barely able to remain conscious.  Vraul refused to let his father give up, but he found himself helpless when one of the human attackers managed to grab hold of Soran's lagging arm.  Vraul tried to wrest his father away, but it was of no use.  The attackers quickly grappled Soran and then slaughtered him with their weapons.  Just before being killed, Soran managed to eke out a small shriek, "Survive!", and quickly but sorrowfully his son obliged.  Vraul, with tears in his eyes, darted towards the hills and managed to escape with his life.

As he managed to return to the others, sadness nearly took him as he found his legs becoming wobbly.  Some of the elders tried to console him, though it took a few days before Vraul managed to break out of his exasperated state.  As his head began to clear, he decided to take up his father's wolf-mask as a memento, and vowed to wear it in his honor.  Some time later, he also decided to get a large tattoo on his left shoulder in memory of both of his deceased parents.

For Honor and Glory

File:Vraulknug Lordaeron.png
For many years, the orcs had been entrapped within internment camps, seperated from the rest of their brethren who, while free, were facing life nearly if not rougher than that withn the camps themselves.  That is, until a remarkable young shaman soon came upon his people and became the first shaman of a new generation that the elemental spirits accepted.  Soon, this newcomer - branded by the humans with the name "Thrall" - proved to the clan his capabilities when he was able to best Orgrim Doomhammer in single combat.  Vraul, hearing of the plan that Doomhammer and Thrall had concocted against the humans, was eager to join in on their idea.

It was not until Durnholde Keep that Vraul was allowed to fully join in on the attack, but the wait left him extremely hungry for battle against the humans.  It was there, within Durnholde, that Vraul would meet an orc prisoner, Aknug Stormrider, and personally free his bonds so that Aknug was able to join in on the fight against the human wardens.  The battle was bloody and not without casualties, and Vraul himself suffered severe wounds throughout its peak.  The most damaging were to his shoulders, which were hammered with maces that broke off the chains of his spaulders, as well as swords and daggers that cut deep into his skin.  He was also blinded by a dagger being pierced into his right eye, which forced him to wear an eyepatch afterwards.  Nonetheless, the orcs were successful in their attack, and the imprisoned orcs had been freed.  All that was left in the end were a pile of corpses and rubble from the keep that Thrall brought down with the might of his shamanistic powers.

Trouble Along The Way

With many of the remaining orcs freed and the orcs becoming a sizable force within Azeroth, Vraul joined the clans as they assembled to establish a new base for all of the united orcs to remain within in relative safety.  However, the orcs were not to stay, as the orc liberator himself, Thrall, had been given a vision by a mysterious prophet to sail the oceans westward towards Kalimdor in order to escape the humans and find their own destinies.  Vraul was apart of the force that assaulted a human base that not only held a plethora of ships, but that had also encaged the great warrior, Grom Hellscream.  After freeing him from his bonds, the orcs swiftly boarded the human ships and fled the Eastern Kingdoms for good.  As the ship he was on drifted away from the human-infested continent, Vraul stood by and stared at the fading lands, promising to one day return and bring hell to the dastardly humans who had caused him so much grief.

While sailing the oceans, the ship Vraul and many other orcs had been on soon took off on another course and they were pulled into a storm near the Maelstrom.  The ship was forced to take shelter upon an island, which happened to be inhabited by not only a mysterious race known as trolls, but also more angry humans seeking to kill the orcs.  During a battle with each other, the humans and orcs were ambushed by a raid of intelligent murlocs, who sought out sacrifices for their terrible rituals.  Imprisoned within a fiery dungeon inside the volcano, Vraul continued to rattle the cages until he was knocked over the head and demoralized by the wardens of his cell.  It was not until Thrall arrived and freed him did Vraul regain hope that he and his people would be able to escape such a horrible fate as a sacrifice.  After a mighty battle against murloc armies, Vraul and the others were finally able to repair their ships and continue their voyage towards Kalimdor.

New Homeland, Old Troubles

Finding himself seperated from Thrall and the rest of the others ships upon arrival to the coast of Kalimdor, Vraul and a few surviving orcs desperately fought off attacking wildlife until Thrall managed to find and regroup them into the fold.  Eventually, Vraul and the others had managed to find Grom Hellscream in battle against humans under the command of a certain powerful mage known as Jaina Proudmoore.  In awe of his strength and fierce hatred against the pinkskins, Vraul decided to join him in his battles against them.  Such willingness to draw the ire of the human attackers worried Thrall, as he left Grom and his Warsong clan to roam the lands of Ashenvale, and convinced Vraul to join them.

For a short while, Vraul felt out of place alongside the Warsong clan, but his fighting prowess impressed the clan, and Grom chuckled off Vraul's self-conscious thoughts and accepted him as an ally of the Warsongs.  In their mission to gather lumber from the forests of Ashenvale, the orcs were sieged by angry, xenophobic creatures known as night elves, who saw the Warsongs and Vraul as terrible invaders and began a terrible conflict with them.


File:Vraul in Ashenvale TW.png
While fighting against the skilled, elven archers, the demigod Cenarius showed up and greatly turned the tide against the orcs.  Given his imperviousness to conventional attacks, the Warsongs felt that they required a new weapon to face such a foe - otherwise, death was certain for the orcs.  One of the troll witch doctors sensed strange energies nearby, and brought Grom and the others towards a fountain of blood.  As the tensions grew, Grom felt he had no choice but to drink the corrupted blood in order to save his people from extermination.  Grom gave Vraul one opportunity to become a true ally with the Warsong Clan - drink the blood along with the others and join the them in their attacks against Cenarius.  If Vraul refused to do so, Grom emphasized that he would be exiled and left to die within the forests, alone against the elven forces.

Convinced enough to follow through, Vraul engorged himself with Mannoroth's blood, and soon began feeling his body go through many terrible changes.  His muscle size grew tremendously, his ferocity became unmatched by the mag'hari orcs he had left behind in Draenor, and once again, his skin color had changed - this time to a dark red color, a sign that Vraul had begun the transformation into a fel orc. With this newfound strength, Vraul joined Grom's clan in wiping out the elven forces wherever they tread.

Though aimed and fired at by dozens of archers, Vraul had personally cut through numerous night elves with his dual axes.  As apart of the corrupted Warsong clan, Vraul had grown to have a fiery hatred towards Thrall, and an especially strong craving for the blood of Jaina Proudmoore, as she was the leader of a race that he so very much despised for many years.  However, before Vraul could be meet up with the powerful forces with Thrall, Grom had advised Vraul, as well as many other Warsong orcs, to remain behind and continue to slay elven infidels.  Enraged but without a choice, Vraul reluctantly accepted his duty and remained within the southern parts of Ashenvale, where he and the Warsongs continued to cut through tremendous trees within its forests.


While walking along the battle-worn hills of the Warsong hold, Vraul began to notice another strange change within his body, as the terrible anger he held for Thrall had mysteriously vanished, and his skin had reverted to the green tinge he had beforehand.  The remainder of the Warsong clan within Ashenvale had also returned to their pre-demonic states, but they were hopelessly confused as to the reasoning until they were told of their chieftain, Grom Hellscream's mighty sacrifice.  Renewed in his ways, Vraul offered his services towards the future of his people, and left Ashenvale to join Thrall's mighty forces.  These orcs would all go on to locate themselves within the deserts that were named Durotar, and establish the great city of Orgrimmar.

Settled In

File:Vraul Valley of Trials Vanilla.png
Settling within Durotar was harsh, and many orcs fell prey to the wastelands that they now resided within.  It was not until Orgrimmar had been finished under Thrall's reign did Vraul begin to realize that his physical body had started to slow down.  The difficult landscape brought about some exhaustion in Vraul that he had never regularly witnessed before.  However, given that he had experienced numerous battles in his time and had served alongside the ferocious Warsong clan, Vraul was entrusted within the Valley of Trials to teach new recruits the ways of the warrior and send them off to greater challenges.

While performing his usual duties, Vraul had soon discovered small demons lurking within a cave to the north.  Alongside a few new, battle-ready recruits, Vraul had entered the cave to slay the foul beasts.  While successfully slaughtering numerous lesser imps within, a Burning Blade warlock known as Yarrog Baneshadow watched down from a cliff he had been holding a ritual on and cast a terrible shadow bolt towards Vraul and knocked him down into the waters, nearly unconscious.  While the adventurers were able to quickly handle the situation, such a loss brought Vraul to depression as he contemplated his worth to the Horde.
While still able to properly train the basic abilities that new recruits required in order to move on from the Valley, Vraul still maintained a sluggish demeanor and felt quite unworthy of life for a few years.  In fact, when the the Dark Portal had opened and countless orcs had been drafted, Vraul was ordered to remain within the Valley - the others had oft-given him below average reports for his work.  The same occurence happened when the Lich King revealed himself to the world, and again the Horde sent out fighters toward the new threat, yet refused to allow Vraul to join in on the battles.  These rejections only furthered Vraul's contempt for his own being, and nearly brought him to self-mutilation.  However, sometime after the Lich King had been defeated, Vraul sat up high on a cliff above the Valley's den and felt a tremendous earthquake shake the foundations of Durotar.  The edge of rock that Vraul had been sitting on broke from the rest of the cliff, and Vraul, still sitting on the piece of rock, landed on an unfortunate orc trainee, killing him instantly.

Feeling that Vraul had become nothing but a nuisance towards the well-being of the orcs within the Valley, Vraul had been assigned off to the Barrens, where he was sent to defend the walls of the Crossroads from invaders, specifically centaur and sometimes even humans.  Vraul had served there for some time until he was directed to aid a nearby warband in the northwestern area of the region.

The Thunderfist

File:Vraul and Rok'mash - Thunderfist Hold.png

Escorted by a particularly angry Blood Guard known as Rok'mash Bloodboil, Vraul was given notice that this was his last chance to prove himself a valuable asset to the Horde.  Whether or not he had been bluffing, Rok'mash angrily threatened him with exile from the Horde itself if he could not find a place within the warband's forces.  Once he arrived, however, Vraul was surprised to be met with kindess from his new comrades.  In fact, he was welcome with open arms by the leader of the warband, Garthak Thunderfist.  It was also there that Vraul had once again met the familiar Aknug Stormrider character - the very same orc Vraul had rescued from Durnholde years prior, who at this point had become a higher-up and chief shaman within the warband.  Before departing from the encampment, Rok'mash had warned Vraul and Aknug that an attack on the Crossroads was imminent and that the Thunderfist best send out the necessary troops to defend the area.

Soon after departing the area, his message rang true, as an army of Theramore sharpshooters and scouts had invaded the Barrens and sent out an attack straight for the Crossroads in an attempt to stem the Horde's tradeways.  Prior to their assault upon the Crossroads village, they had nearly destroyed a nearby orc tower, setting it aflame and decimating the nearby population there.  By this time, Vraul had become a messenger for the warband and quickly informed Garthak and the rest of the warband of the treacherous attack.

After the fighters had managed to enter the Crossroads and prepare for battle against the invaders, Vraul played a continual role as the primary advisor of Garthak as to the plans of their enemies. His experience within the battlefield
File:VraulGorshak WitnessZulabarMarkings.png
greatly aided the Thunderfist in successfully retaliating against the Theramore soldiers.

While many casualties occurred during the fight, including that of well-known Thunderfist lieutenant Dagg Battlevow, the warband had managed to strike down a tower that the Alliance troops had constructed and halted their movement against the Horde.  Victory was had, at least for a short while.

About a week later, a strange sickness had spread throughout the shaman population within the encampment.  Many of the visionaries had become very ill, and a few of the elders had perished.  Given his high respect for the shamanic people, Vraul aided the shamans as best as he could, such as by carrying a weak Aknug to any place he needed to travel for a few days while the seer recovered.  Unwilling to see yet another orc he cared for fall to demise while in his care, Vraul did his best to gather any services that Aknug needed in immediate fashion.  Such a dedication to his care garnered Vraul the respect of Aknug, and the two quickly became acquaintances outside of the warband's political structure.

When the wise Garthak Thunderfist had slowly faded off into obscurity and quietly stepped down from his position, the leadership was given to Aknug, who led the warband to a new age of prosperity.  The weeks went by with the warband working together and gathering many new recruits, and Vraul was promoted to a decent rank within the warband due to his stout dedication towards the Thunderfist, where he was able to personally work with Aknug in the effort to bolster the offensive power of the warband.

Unfortunately, this era of progress was soon stopped when Aknug made an abrupt proclamation to the clan that he was given a mission by the Elder Shaman council to travel far off into Nagrand and perform his sacred duties as a shaman by foregoing his position and entering the Oshu'gun mountains in order to communicate with its spirits.  Realizing that releasing his leadership position would require someone capable, Aknug offered a mak'gora challenge for the position.  Vraul, eager to lead the warband in efforts against the Theramore humans, quickly charged to challenge his old friend, but he was too late.  A particularly powerful shaman, former gladiator, and protege of Aknug himself by the name of Mograh Ragefury had stepped ahead of Vraul, and made the challenge against Aknug.

Successful in his approach, Mograh became the new Centurion of the Thunderfist, much to the sorrow of Vraul.  Soon after Mograh's reign had started, Vraul quickly noticed the inactivity of the new leader, and spoke out amongst the populace of the warband about it.  With intentions to hold a mak'gora of his own, Vraul spent much time refining his combat skills in preparation to take down the mighty Mograh.

A New Assignment

File:Vraul within the Xroads.png

One day, after easily defeating a weakling troll by the name of Zwenku in combat, Vraul had been ordered to send out a message to the officials within the Crossroads.  While still on the path to carrying out the message, Vraul had noticed numerous grunts following a high-ranking orc by the name of General Pulpine, rushing in the direction of the Thunderfist encampment.  These orcs were racing there in order to disband the warband and draft some of the troops out into the Barrens, and others into Stonetalon to serve within the ranks of an orc overlord named Krom'gar.  The reasoning for such a decision had been that the constant, volatile changes within the leadership had shown that the warband was unsuccessful in its goals, and that its troops would be better off formed within more organized sectors.  Vraul followed them, eager to view what was about to occur.

As Pulpine loudly spoke out his orders, a conflict broke out between the two Horde forces due to their differentiating opinions.  Mograh soon came out to address the abrupt arrival of Pulpine's forces, and argued against his decisions until the tensions of the situation brought him to a near-emotional breakdown.  Mograh eventually agreed with the order in an odd show of submission towards Pulpine and gave away his warriors for the cause of the greater Horde.  The many orcs within the Thunderfist whom felt such a decision was infallible decided to trek out into the Barrens to protest against Pulpine's foolish command.

After the the discussion had ended, Pulpine had caught eye of the spying Vraul, and demanded to know of his identity.  He ordered for Vraul to return to his old post within the Crossroads until further instruction would require of his services elsewhere.  While saddened by the loss of the warband he enjoyed being apart of, Vraul's confidence had been rebuilt from his time successfully managing the forces of the Thunderfist offensive.  He nodded towards Pulpine and vowed to serve the Crossroads to his position's highest standard with a mighty smile on his face.

With Us or Against Us

File:Vraul VictoryorDeath MoP.jpg

Some time after the warband he had been a large part of disbanded, Vraul began to grow doubts within his head.  He wondered whether or not the Horde he had served would finally find the peace they had sought.  Unfortunately, Warchief Garrosh Hellscream had begun to grow comfortable and began using his power to command his comrades into battles against the Alliance.  Vraul was one of the orc warriors that had been brought to his attention.  Once the expedition towards the unknown lands of Pandaria had been made concrete, Garrosh had personally called for a meeting with Vraul, and questioned him as to his total loyalty towards the Orcish Horde.  Stuttering through his answer, Vraul was found unworthy - though Garrosh refused to outright murder one of his one kind.  Garrosh sent Vraul to manual labor within Razor Hill underneath the watchful eye of trusted guards, hoping that Vraul would learn the value of success through difficult struggle as he believes he had.

While plucking away at his duties, Vraul had glanced over towards the center of town to find Vol'jin and Baine Bloodhoof had gathered an army of fighters within.  They called out to the people of the village and claimed that it was time to set things right for the Horde.  In the midst of the confusion, Vraul made his way towards his old gear that he had stashed away and followed the rebels as they marched towards the gates of Orgrimmar.  

Therein, a massive wave of Kor'kron loyalists defended the city with a massive blockade.  Rather than follow the sea of adventurers that made their way down into the depths of Garrosh's stronghold, Vraul had decided to stay above ground and defend his allies from a possible flank.  After a brief moment, he heard a cackle from behind him.  The voice was familiar.

Vraul turned around to find his older brother, Mork'thor, armed to the teeth in prestigious combat armor which was emblazoned with Kor'kron signets.  Vraul attempted to dissuade his brother from continuing on with Garrosh's ideals, but it was no use.  Claiming Vraul to be a foolish young pup, Mork'thor screamed in fury that his brother was the one responsible for their mother's early death.  Nearly breaking down in sorrow, Vraul retorted these claims, and found himself backed by his rebel comrades.  Mork'thor himself was himself quickly surrounded by Kor'kron allies, and the two forces quickly drew out into an enormous battle.  While the others had fought each other off evenly, Vraul and Mork'thor came to harsh blows, each of them finding a comeuppance throughout their duel.  Bringing themselves to exhaustion, Mork'thor found one his arms rendered useless, while Vraul had countless bruises upon his sides that caused him to cough up blood, and he was disarmed of one of his axes.  

Between deep gasps for air, Mork'thor humorously insulted Vraul for taking up their father's wolf-mask, claiming that Soran had always seen Vraul as a weak runt for being unable to communicate with the ancestral spirits.  Vraul responded by denying this claim, and that Soran entrusted Vraul to carry on his legacy should he pass early due to the fact that he always saw Mork'thor as being too reckless and dishonorable to do so.

This angered Mork'thor greatly, and with all of his remaining might, he furiously launched his hammer towards Vraul.  The hammer darted fast, but it narrowly missed Vraul's head by mere inches and fell to the ground with a loud thump.  Just as Vraul was trying to urge Mork'thor to disengage, his brother charged forward and swung at him viciously.  By instinct rather than thought, Vraul swung his remaining axe towards Mork'thor and sliced open his brother's throat.

By the end of the siege, once Garrosh had been taken out of Orgrimmar in shackles, Vraul solemnly took his brother's remains to Razor Hill and buried them with a fang he had broken off of his father's wolf-mask.

The Dust Settles

With Garrosh deposed and a new, non-orc Warchief coming to power, the Horde's troubles seemed to finally be coming to a close.  Meanwhile, Vraul had difficulty accepting such a change; while he was certainly elated at the fact that the berserk Hellscream was finally gone, the orcish pride within him caused him to feel almost insulted at the idea of a troll leading the entire Horde.  To add even further insult, while dueling against a troll within Sen'jin village, Vraul had tripped from the momentum of an axe swing and his father's wolf-mask had fallen off of his head onto the ground.

In an attempt at being humorous, and at the same time to try and revitalize Vraul's motivation for the duel, the opposing troll picked up the mask and tossed it into the nearby waters, leaving it dampened.   An enraged Vraul charged the troll and knocked him unconscious and into the waters with a powerful punch to the jaw.  Ever since, Vraul has been left with a severe distaste for the trollish people and has refused to enter Sen'jin Village or communicate with the majority of trolls since.

Old Legends Revisited

File:Vraul Jawrip (Lone Wolf) OG.png

For some time after Orgrimmar was sacked and Vol'jin had begun his reign as warchief, Vraul toiled away within the city.  He aided his fellow Horde brethren by carrying supplies where they were needed, and by defending trade caravans that would leave for Ashenvale, the Barrens, and Azshara.  All was well until word arrived that there was trouble within the Blasted Lands, and that powerful Horde reinforcements were necessary in order to contain the dangers.  As one of seemingly few orcs who recovered decently enough from the recent siege, Vraul gathered his equipment and set out alongside his brethren in order to face the imminent threats.  Upon landing on a ledge overlooking the eastern shores of the Blasted Lands, Vraul found he and his brethren under assault by a large army of Mag'har orcs - whom which were armed to the teeth with both armor and weaponry.  Countless goblin-esque siege cannons were found to be in use by these orcs.

Eventually, Vraul followed Khadgar, Thrall, and a large group of others to the Dark Portal, where they found the source that these attacking orcs were coming from.  After a large battle, Khadgar gave order to storm the portal, which Vraul did - after which he found he and his brethren were not within the Hellfire Peninsula that was once connected to the portal.  Instead, Vraul found himself in the somewhat-familiar lands of Tanaan Jungle, the place that once existed in Hellfire's place prior to Ner'zhul's portals wreaking havoc on Draenor.  However, there was little time to contemplate this oddity, as Vraul found himself under barrage from countless orcs, all of whom were wearing heavy plate mail and were wielding sharp, well-crafted weaponry.  After dodging obstacles left and right within the jungles, Vraul could only bare witness to the Dark Portal that they had entered being blown to smithereens by a giant tank in the center field of the eastern jungles.  A return to home seemed hopeless, though Vraul realized that it mattered little as he and the others had narrowly escaped being butchered by the terrible orcish force that called themselves the Iron Horde.

Landing within his old stomping grounds of Frostfire Ridge, Vraul witnessed two familiar faces that left him speechless - Durotan, and his wife Draka, were alive and well, leading the Horde armies towards a large swathe of land wherein a sturdy garrison was to be built.  Seeing the two of them, as well the faces of others who were known to be deceased, left Vraul scratching his head - he was not yet informed that he had entered a portal to an alternate version of Draenor's past, even after he was told by another orc, he still had to pinch himself in order to ensure he wasn't dreaming.  And dreaming, he was not.

After aiding in the defenses of the garrison, Vraul managed to head out further into the forgotten lands - hoping to find even more familiar faces and locations within this world.  Making his way to the town of his birth, his mouth went agape at the sight of his father - not only alive, but looking much younger than when Vraul had last seen him many years ago.  Vraul struck a conversation with this orc to find out that not only was his older brother a small child roaming the town, but that his mother was once again pregnant and expecting soon - and the absurdity as to who was inside the womb left Vraul in quiet confusion.  Unfortunately, all was not well for long, as Gul'dan had shown up and began corrupting the Iron Horde and summoning demons to destroy this version of Draenor.  

After gathering what seemed like a mountain's worth of Apexis crystals for Khadgar, Vraul set out with others to make a siege against Hellfire Citadel, a terrible building within Tanaan Jungle that held Grom Hellscream in imprisonment, and also once hosted Gul'dan - who departed shortly before Vraul and his team arrived in order to create a terrible portal near the old Dark Portal.  Vraul aided the team in fending off against terrible Iron Horde and Legion creations before he found himself gazing in horror at the gigantic, green portal - right as the demon lord Archimonde had stepped through it and into the world.  As Gul'dan cackled at the foolishness of the Azerothian forces, Vraul found himself with no other option but to join the others as they stormed Archimonde's presence and began swinging at his ankles.  Vraul witnessed many young heroes fall around him that day, as countless Legion forces were summoned in to aid Archimonde in dealing with their assault against him.  Eventually, nearly the entire field was blackened with ash and cracked by the tremendous infernals dropping down onto it.  

Eventually, however, the Eredar legion lord found himself unable to withstand the full might of both Draenor and Azeroth's forces, and he fell to the ground - however, just as he did, he sent Gul'dan into the still-glowing portal, closing it and leaving everyone unbeknownst to Gul'dan whereabouts.  However, nonetheless, a victory was had that day, as Vraul witnessed both orc and draenei people embrace each other as their planet had been saved from the terrible might of the Burning Legion.  Though he wished to say a goodbye to his parents within the world, he sadly found himself unable to - as the mages of the Horde had conjured the portals in order to return every Horde soldier back to Orgrimmar, and he was pushed along and forced to depart from Draenor forever.

Haunting of Old Memories

File:Vraul sees Legion Ship.png

Returning to his homeland within the Crossroads, Vraul decided to take a trip to his old stomping grounds within the old Thunderfist ruins.  With his trusty wolf, he was able to make it there safely.  The buildings there had long been abandoned and broken, and nature had begun to reclaim the land with weeds and long grass.  Injuries plaguing him from his time in Draenor had begun to take their toll, and he limped his way towards the small lake bordering the Ashenvale border where there was once a dock decorated with a shrine and other ornaments dedicated to the Thunderfist's fallen.  Now, little remained near the waters, save for a small, particularly dilapidated boat.  Vraul knelt down at the mouth of the lake, and closed his eyes in solemn contemplation.    

His thoughts raced in his mind, thinking of all of the losses he has felt throughout his journey on Azeroth.  Where once he had the friendship of his good friend Aknug to comfort him, he now only felt loneliness, and considered retiring from combat altogether.  Vraul then decided to try and manage to do what he could not as a young orc within Nagrand and commune with the spirits surrounding the old grounds he once called home.  For a few moments, nothing - not even a peep.  However, the wind began to pick up, and the nearby trees began to violently sway in the wind.  However, this was no benevolent force speaking out to him.

All of a sudden, the skies turned sickly green, and as Vraul stood back up, he could see countless flying objects over the horizon.  Making his way back on his wolf, Vraul neared the Crossroads before nearly being obliterated by a falling colossus, him and his wolf falling over onto the ground.  In horror, Vraul could only watch as a dreaded infernal picked itself up from the crater it had just made, and it roared in his direction.  While attempting to grab his axes, he screamed in terror as his wolf companion was knocked away, its body left broken and bloody all over the ground.  Just as the infernal was ready to charge Vraul, a small army of defenders assaulted the infernal from behind, and all worked together to slay it.  One of the members of this force proclaimed that the Legion had returned, and Vraul joined them in defending the Crossroads for weeks as it was continuously sieged by numerous Legion forces.

File:Vraul Crossroads.png

Finally, the dust settled, and the Legion forces were sent away from the Barrens.  However, all was not well, and the leading forces of both the Alliance and Horde had agreed that the Legion must be followed towards wherever they have come from in order to purge their threat for good.  While still not fully recovered from his injuries from the Draenor war, Vraul had nonetheless decided to sign up to fight against the familiar foe that had returned.              

Taking the long walk towards Orgrimmar, Vraul held his father's wolf helm in his hands for a few moments in silent thought before boarding a Horde ship that was headed straight for the Broken Isles, which was just south of the Northrend continent.  Just as he was able to see the unknown lands coming into the horizon, the Horde's forces were assaulted by both falling infernals and wild felbats coming from the skies.  The waves of the seas nearly caused the entire ship to capsize, but Vraul and the others managed to hold their own against the Legion's forces and land upon the Broken Shore.  There, they were met with a tremendous amount of resistance, and while they managed to push forward, countless losses were had along the way.            

File:Vraul Broken Shore Fight.png
Vraul followed his then-Warchief Vol'jin and former Warchief, Thrall, onto a ledge overlooking a terrible tower that was oozing with tremendous fel energies.  There, on the ledge, they did their best to fight back against a seemingly infinite amount of Legion fel guards, felbats, and eredar warlocks.  During this stage of the battle, Vraul found himself caught off guard by the blow of a mighty fel guard, and was saved in the nick of time by an Orgrimmar warrior slicing it open just before its intended strike.  Exhausted and seeing no end to his enemy's assault, Vraul tried crawling his way to safety near a large boulder in order to catch his breath.  As he sat there, bleeding from all over his body, his gasps for air began to grow weaker and weaker.  Just as his eyes began to go black, Sylvanas Windrunner sounded the horn of retreat, and Vraul was picked up by a couple of his comrades back towards a Forsaken ship, wherein he was tended to by priests, who were able to heal him up just enough to save his life.          

Returning to Orgrimmar, Vraul joined countless other injured fighters of the Horde in rest within its walls.  Doubt had taken him early on, and he seemed to be ready to make the decision to finally retire from combat altogether at this point.  After a few days, however, Vraul noticed that the room he had been in had become more empty.  Where once there were many orcs inside with him, injured as he was, the room had but a few warriors left.  He knew they had not left by their own doing.  It was painfully aware to him that many of his people had begun to perish from their wounds.  Lying in the bed next to him was an old, battered orc formerly of the Blackrock clan, conversed with him of this fact.  His name was Lok'mar, and he admitted to Vraul that for a long time, he had held contempt for the new Horde led under Thrall's banner, believing that the orcs were better off extinct after what they had done on Draenor and during the three wars on Azeroth.  Yet, he had begun to see over time that their people had truly begun to redeem themselves, and that, while they were and would forever be flawed, maybe the world did have a place in store for them in the future.          

A day later, Lok'mar had succumbed to his wounds just as the others had.  It was too much for Vraul to deal with at that point, and he stormed out of the room against the priests' orders.  Yet through the tears of sadness that Vraul had fought against, it was no longer doubt that had clouded his mind.  A certain anger began to take hold, though it was unlike that of which he faced while under the sway of Mannoroth's blood curse.  This was a controlled anger - a more justifiable one, at that.  Vraul swore to himself that he would not allow the Legion to cause the orcs any further suffering.  Hearing of the Horde's further treks into the Broken Isles, Vraul demanded passage onto the islands once more.  With his twin axes lost on the Broken Shore, Vraul purchased a new set of weaponry, steeling himself for what was to come next.

The Broken Isles

Though minimal Horde presence was felt upon the Broken Isles aside from a Forsaken-Gilnean war upon Stormheim, Vraul eventually made his way by ship towards Azsuna and quickly began cutting away at swathes of demon foes that walked the lands.  Feeling very little loyalty towards Sylvanas and her personal goals, he instead decided on aiding the Kaldorei and later on the Nightfallen in quelling the Legion presence - not so much to aid them, but to get revenge for his people against the very force that once enslaved his people.  Many battles were had upon the shores of Azsuna for some time, and soon the entire Broken Isles felt a siege of invading Legion forces throughout, which Vraul did his best to fight for some time.  Much of this time was spent alongside the renewed Illidari faction, a group of demon hunters who had been released from their imprisonment in order to help with the cause.  While Vraul held somewhat of a distrust of these characters, he nonetheless fought alongside them, focusing his efforts on the enemy at hand.  

After a while, word had spread that an assault on the Broken Shore had begun.  Eventually, Vraul had then made his way there, pushing towards the Tomb of Sargeras.  While in the main hub of the Legionfall offensive, he had stumbled upon an orc by the name of Tomken Thunderfist, a shaman of the Earthen Ring.  After a long conversation, Tomken was revealed to be a relative of Garthak Thunderfist, whom Vraul had once fought tooth and nail for underneath the Thunderfist warband during the time of the Cataclysm.  The two hit it off quite well and fought together against the common foe of the Legion - Tomken with his ranged tactics and Vraul with his axes, both orcs managed to work well together while purging the Legion.

One With the Ironworg



Battle for Azeroth

A dark, terrible storm approaches, and Vraul's loyalty towards his elven warchief will surely be tested as the conflict between the Alliance and Horde has reignited.  New lands await, and an ancient evil has begun to stir.  Only time will tell if Vraul will be able to survive in this strange, new era.

Physical appearance


Vraul Jawrip

Though he is technically apart of the Frostwolf clan, Vraul is a warrior-born, and as such holds no powers over the elements. However, he continues to wear his father's lupine mask in his memory. He stands slightly taller than most orcs, and has a bulky, muscular build, a necessity for a warrior of his type. He also has various tattoos etched onto his arms, including an image on his left shoulder of a wolf sitting atop a rock and howling at the moon, wherein two wolves could be seen on each side of, which he acquired as a tribute to both of his parents while he was still in Lordaeron. 

Personality and traits

While his father, Soran Jawrip, was a shaman of the Frostwolf clan and lived a long life until the Horde took off for Kalimdor, Vraul's mother had caught a terrible sickness, most likely the infamous red pox that had struck the population around the time, and died long ago in Nagrand when Vraul was a mere seven years old. Such a loss, followed by many others, gave Vraul a rigid perspective of the world for much of his life.

Vraul's attitude resembles that of most veterans of old: relatively sullen and regretful, but still prideful of his heritage. He dislikes fighting if the given target is defenseless, and refuses to use cheap or underhanded tactics in order to win a battle. However, if driven to hate a foe enough due to their own actions, Vraul's justice is swift and without mercy.

His fierce loyalty for the warchief's rule is unquestionable, as proven when Garrosh was given the title. Regardless of the fact that Hellscream's political beliefs were much more militant than his own, Vraul remained sided with Garrosh until the latter's demise due to his necessary service to the greater Horde and the mighty orcish race. After Vol'jin took charge of the Horde with Garrosh's deposition, Vraul admittedly held some resentment towards his new leader.  However, he restrained himself from speaking out against him in fear of further splintering the already battered Horde.  The same goes for Sylvanas as her rule begins.


  • Vraul's name is pronounced similarly to Thrall.
  • Due to terrible injuries received to his shoulders while liberating imprisoned brethren in Durnholde Keep, Vraul prefers to use leather padding for protection.  The weight of chain and plate mail prove to cause him too much discomfort to wear for long.  He also wears an eyepatch over his right eye due to an injury he suffered in Ashenvale, which he usually hides underneath his father's wolf-mask.
  • Some time after his old wolf fell in battle to the Legion, Vraul garnered the companionship of another and named him Stormrider in honor of his fallen friend, Aknug Stormrider.


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