Wiki This page is an official WrAWiki policy and you must follow it.
Failure to do so will result in consequences.

The following is an instruction manual that set forth by the administrators of the Wyrmrest Accord Wiki for guidelines in writing, titles, articles, and linking. Please read it before you contribute to WrA Wiki.

  • All content must be related to Wyrmrest Accord and, with the exception of guilds, be RP oriented.
  • Articles or edits that could be considered libelous or defamatory, or could be argued as harassment or vandalism shall not be tolerated by the wiki team or the Wyrmrest Accord community, and will be promptly dealt with.
  • Information in an article (pages that are not stories) should be relevant and neutral.
  • Pages that are not dedicated to stories or characters may be freely modified following the above rules.
  • Story or characters pages should not be edited to the extent that the original ideas are altered. If you are unsure if a change will alter the original context, contact the author for permission. Authors of such pages reserve full rights to request to have a page locked and unlocked by an admin.
  • Pages without adequate content one month from creation will be marked for deletion and deleted one month after that.

Article Titles

The conventions for titles dictate that all proper nouns are capitalized, as are all locations, and names unless specifically not capitalized.

Any page title that includes a name should not be stored in a biographical format; i.e., "Jeth Holywrought", not "Holywrought, Jeth" as the page title. In cases where only a first name (Kelsuwa) exists, that should be used as the sole title of the page.

Character Articles

Character articles exist to showcase your character to the world. Please be aware that a character article should contain more than simply an infobox and you should be prepared to fill the page out within a month of its creation or it will be marked for deletion and eventually removed from the wiki to keep down on clutter.

You can most easily create a character page by clicking the "Character" button in the "Select Page Type:" of the new page creation editor. If you cannot find the button or are updating an old page to fit our policies, you can copy the page template from the Character Creation Boilerplate

The anatomy of a character article is as follows:

Character infobox

At the start of each character article should be the character infobox with the characters name, a picture of the character, a short caption, their title, gender, race, faction, health, current in-game level, their status, and current location.

You can view the template and the most updated fields here.

The Article Itself

The article should be written from a third person perspective taking an in character view, without making to much use of out of character information. The article should consist of the following categories for a character: Physical Description, Personality, History, Quotes, Trivia, and External Links.

Physical Description: This section should be one to two paragraph entry explaining the physical description of your character. What do they look like, what color is their hair/fur, what clothing do they wear in combat or in town. Do they have any scars or distinguishing marks? These are all things to ask yourself and talk about.

You can probably copy and paste the description part of your favorite Roleplay Profile Addon right in here with little editing.

Personality: The personality section is a place for you to describe how your character tends to act and what their emotional state is. Are they a sociopathic murderer who enjoys stitching his victims together while humming old tunes, or maybe a stoic warrior who says little except to friends?

History: The history section is the bread and butter of every character article. It should be at minimum 2 paragraphs long but could stretch on much longer. Here is where you would write an in-character biography explaining the life and times of your character. See Kelsuwa for good examples of histories.

You can probably copy and paste the history part of your favorite Roleplay Profile Addon right in here with little editing.

Quotes: This section allows you to share sayings your character may use frequently or has used that have been popular and or infamous in their history.

Quotes are completely optional.

Trivia: The trivia section gives you a chance to offer some quick facts people may or may not know about your character. For example "Did you know that Kelsuwa had just begun the mating process with a female from the Cloudbreaker tribe before his banishment?"

Trivia is completely optional.

External Links: The final category on a character article gives you a chance to link to pages that people may find of interest for your character such as a link to your character page, blog, or guild website.

External Links are completely optional but a link to your page will help other players find you in game.

Geographic Region Articles

User-created geographic areas of Azeroth, Outland, or Draenor should be in text format.

An At-A-Glance infobox template, Template:Infobox_location, has been created for geographical page use.

Articles without content, containing only an infobox, will be flagged for deletion.

For canon locations, consider linking to a WOWpedia article instead.

Guilds and Other Organizations

Guilds and other organizations should use the template Infobox org.

As with character articles, there should be more text than box on the page.

Guilds should use the category Guilds in addition to the faction and race tags.

Organizations which are not guilds should use Organization.


Each article should be put into the appropriate categories. The two immediately below are the major categories, then additional categories are described.

  • Alliance - For all Alliance characters guilds, and organizations
  • Horde - For all Horde characters guilds, and organizations
  • Neutral - for all Neutral characters, guilds, and organizations

Race Categories

Alliance Races

Horde Races

Class Categories

Geographic Page Categories

The following categories should be used for geographic regions:

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