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February 2, 2019
Recent decisions amongst the administration team have been made and it has been decided that Idhron will assume the lead Bureaucrat role for the wiki at this time. We welcome his return to this original position for him and thank our other admins for their hard work. Any questions or concerns regarding the wiki should be directed to him first or towards the Wiki Support Discord.
October 19, 2018
After an extended hiatus to deal with real-life, we would like to welcome back founding admin Idhron to the Wiki.
March 4, 2018
After a short RL-induced hiatus, we would like to congratulate Oogaman on his elevation to Moderator, which is long overdue.
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is a young Half-Elven Vindicator. Born on Outland, she was raised with stories of the old Alliance of Lordaeron and her parent's homeworld of Azeroth. She has finally become a fully enlisted soldier for the Alliance, and faithfully serves it and the Light wherever she goes. - Read more about Lithvia Darklight

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Welcome to the Wyrmrest Accord Wiki! This website is a resource for the player community of the Wyrmrest Accord server, a role-playing PvE (RP-PvE) server in the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. This wiki is used for storing roleplay and IC information regarding characters, art, player-created locations, and player-written stories, and player-created events created by Wyrmrest Accord community members. This site also serves as an index for all types of guilds on WRA, as well as acting as an information hub for the ever-changing server community.
Wyrmrest Accord does not have a server canon and players on WRA are not obligated to play along with anything posted on this wiki just because it's there. This wiki is for fun and networking, to show off your characters and find other players you might want to play with. This wiki by no means being an authoritative guide to the server, so we encourage you to role-play on Wyrmrest Accord to see what the community is like yourself!
Feel free to contribute your own character information to this wiki. It is our hope that this wiki will help preserve and promote the role-playing community on Wyrmrest Accord by providing a neutral environment where all can add their own piece of the story without prejudice. Have fun!



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The Wyrmrest Accord Wiki's disclaimers, policy, and layout were inspired by the original Earthen Ring Wiki, Moon Guard Wiki, and the Elder Scrolls Wiki and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.
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Are you looking for ways to connect to the community? There are several different options from the official server forums, to various WRA Oriented Discord Servers, and In Game Chat Channels as well. The best way to experience the community though? Log on to the server and role-play on Wyrmrest Accord to see what the community is like yourself!

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